My Red Hair Isn't Just a Decoration

Admit it. We gingers really get a bad rap. I've lost track of the number of times in my life that I've been asked if I have a bad temper. In the past we were accused of being vampires and burned at the stake as witches. I even heard recently that Hitler forbade red heads from procreating. Now I can't say that this is a fact and I'm frankly too busy to look at the moment, but geeze.

Haters aside I have never really minded the red hair. It didn't hurt that my grandmother (who also happens to be my closest friend) is also a ginger. Notice the "is." My grandma is 93 and still rocking hot locks. Because of her I always felt special. Even when my mom stated repeatedly as I was growing up that she never wanted a kid with red hair. (I'm pretty sure she audibly groaned in the delivery room, but again I cannot substantiate the rumors because I have zero memory of it). She did, however, say that it turned out ok because I was actually born pretty. Her words. Not mine. Um thanks?

Ok shall I debunk a few myths and answer, once and for all, some of the most annoying questions I get? I think I shall.


The proceeding content will contain over sharing. Look away, Grandma!

1- No. I don't have fair skin.

2- Yes. I can actually tan.

3- No. We are not all Irish. (Although I am...and German, and Native American).

4-No. We don't all have tempers. (Now I will admit I have been known to lose it on the rare occasion, but I still maintain that those were pregnancy hormones)!

5- Yes. We are rare. Like 2% in the US rare!
(We should get a little something out of the deal. Am I right?)

6- Yes...for goodness sake. The carpet matches the drapes. If I had a nickle...

7- Yes. We have souls. At least the kids who called me carrot top in grade school better hope we do;)

8- No. I don't care that you've always wanted to date a redhead.

9- Yes. It is rude to tell me about all of the "ugly red heads" you know. As if I won some bizarre lottery in the human gene pool.

10- No. We are not going extinct. (But I can't promise we aren't taking over).

I have been told, in a rare moment of anger, that my red hair isn't just a decoration. This made me smile. Although it wasn't meant as a compliment at the time, I found it pretty amusing and incredibly accurate. Now...I cannot confirm or deny that the person who said it is still alive and kicking, but to be fair...I did come with a warning label;)