Politically Over It

Politically Over It

Remember a time when we could speak our minds and no one got offended? Yeah...me either. Sadly today's society consists of liberal vs conservative, white vs black, straight vs gay, etc, etc, etc.

Let's start with Christianity...

Where does a conservative Christian fit into today's world? The simplest answer is that we don't. Romans 12:2 says "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that he may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. As a Christian, I take this to mean that I should strive to do what I believe is right in the eyes of my heavenly Father.

However, the word Christian has nearly become synonymous with words like bigot, hypocrite, extremist, etc. There are two reasons I believe this association has come about.

The first reason is that Christians are being unfairly judged. Believing in something that goes against the status quo doesn't make a person wrong. Going against the popular opinion doesn't make a person intolerant. And standing by your convictions doesn't make a person a bigot. Not believing in something about a person's lifestyle doesn't mean that you don't love them. It also doesn't mean you are prejudice. It really and truly means you are standing by your convictions. It is that simple.

The other reason Christians are being persecuted could quite honestly be our own fault. For every believer who is afraid to speak up fearing retribution there is another who just plain gets it wrong. Judging others and criticizing their lifestyle or their choices has never been our place. We are all human. I fail to see how calling someone a sinner will bring them any closer to God. I had a pastor friend once tell me that we are to love people where they're at. That means loving others for exactly who they are...not waiting until they fit into a particular mold. After all God loves us and he's seen us at our very worst.

Ah liberal vs conservative...

Is there some civil war a brewin' that nobody told me about? Because if you haven't been living under a rock it's very hard to miss the extreme animosity coming from both sides. One can't get on any form of social media or even watch the news without getting bombarded with grievances and disparagement from either side about the other, and I, for one, am sick of it. I have seen friendships end over political views. Seriously?! Both sides feel very strongly about their issues. Neither side is going to change their minds. How about agreeing to disagree with each other and voting to get your voice heard. If you have to debate is it really necessary to resort to name calling, saying hateful things, making assumptions, and digging in our heels? I don't and never will believe in abortion. Does that mean that I don't love or value those who don't share my belief or those who have actually had an abortion? Or course not. It is my place to love that individual and see them through Christ's eyes.

White vs black vs Muslim vs Hispanic vs etc, etc, etc...

There sadly is a race issue. Social media and blind ignorance is perpetuating, if not bolstering the racial divide. I cannot imagine being a person of color, let alone somoene who is an immigrant or a DACA Dreamer. What is happening to them is a stain on our country. It makes me ask myself just what we’re teaching our kids. Children don't come into this world with preconceived notions. They are taught. I work with at risk youth. They come from all walks of life and various cultures. The one thing that has stood out to me is that not one of these kids ever mentions skin color. They don't seem to see that as a difference worth mentioning. That says a lot considering all that they have been through in their young lives. It gives me hope for the generation nipping at our heels.

Straight vs Gay....

There are those who interpret the bible as saying homosexuality is an abomination. Then there are those who say that the bible is outdated and/or misinterpreted. It is nearly impossible to change a person's opinion on this subject. And it is wrong to judge or chastise them for not sharing your views. But it is equally wrong to misjudge others who don't believe it's right. Simply put, our job is to love one another....and that means everyone.

So just so we are clear. I am white. I am a Christian. I do not promote a woman's right to choose. I may or may not believe in everyone's lifestyles. But, seriously who cares?

I am human. I sin. I make mistakes. And yet, I will always stand by my beliefs and convictions. I will not be swayed to believe differently or stay silent because I'm afraid of offending anyone. Because let's face it. We are always going to offend someone whether we mean to or not. Instead of judging others for not sharing our beliefs how about we promote healthy dialogue and open forums where we can actually share our opinions and not be ridiculed? Instead of worrying about political correctness how about we agree to disagree? Instead of spreading hate how about we pray for one another? Instead of whining about everything that is wrong with America and our world in general how about we, ourselves, strive to make it a better place and not wait for others to do it for us? We are the grownups after all. How about we start acting like it?

If this post offends you, I make no apologies. It is my opinion and I am entitled to it. I am done skirting around political correctness.

If it doesn't offend you, well good, but there is always tomorrow.