An Open Letter To Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

Please forgive me, but I'm going to skip the pleasantries and get right to it if you don't mind. I would never want the job as leader of the free world. So I usually try not to criticize our president. I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of stress he faces on a daily basis.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt from the very the beginning. I genuinely liked you and appreciated your business sense. I even enjoyed the debates more because you were in them. You are entertaining. I'll give you that. But you Sir, are not qualified to be our nation's president.

Having money doesn't qualify you. Running a company (or companies) doesn't qualify you. Being a celebrity doesn't qualify you. And speaking your mind in no way qualifies you. Just because you have an audience doesn't mean that you can say whatever you want and not have repercussions.

You have gone out of your way over the years to objectify women. If we speak our minds or don't qualify as tens in your book we serve no purpose to you. (I've included a picture. Have at it.) Would you want someone to speak to your mother, wife, or daughters the way you have spoken to many of these women?

You have spoken out against entire races. You are a polarizing figure to most. You have verbally assulted families of our fallen heros. You made a mockery of the Purple Heart. You, as America's mouth piece, would spell certain disaster. I am all for free speech, but a president should have some semblance of a filter. Your Twitter account alone proves that when someone says something that you don't like you kick it old school like you're still in junior high. This saddens me. Please grow up. I mean that with the utmost sincerity. You are making history even now. I don't want my boys to one day look back on your life and your behavior and want to emulate you. I struggle now to raise gentlemen who respect everyone no matter the gender, race, or religion. You are making my job a whole lot harder, Sir. 

 For all intents and purposes I would absolutely be considered the "anti-you." I was raised by a single mother who struggled to make ends meet. There were a lot of nights where I went to bed hungry. A luxury to me was getting to drink orange juice instead of water. This happened approximately four days out of the month. My mother had three children to raise and she did it alone until I was thirteen years old. I worried about things children should never have to worry about. Despite not having a lot I worked very hard in school. I didn't finish my education because I couldn't afford to. I'm not saying this to make you feel sorry for me. It just is what it is. 

I, myself, am a single mother. I have two boys and I am also in the process of adopting my nephew because his parents are crystal meth addicts. I struggle. I don't boast about my earnings because if I'm being perfectly honest I easily fall below the poverty line. And that is ok. I work with homeless and runaway youth and I am a teacher assistant in a preschool classroom. I work six and seven days a week. I dont make much, but to me, my work has never been about the money. I do it because I want to make the lives of these kids better in some way. I try to do my part. I may never know if what I do helps in any way, but that is also ok because it isn't and never has been about me. 

You are in a very unique position that I'm not sure you appreciate. You have the country's and the world's attention. Yet, in my humble opinion, you are squandering it. I have yet to hear a straight answer from you on any of my questions. Are you sincerely against abortion? How will you build a wall to keep Mexico out and manage to make them foot the bill? What makes you think that this is even ok? Why do you believe that it is ok to discriminate against all Muslims?

From my vantage point I hear a lot of words being said (rather loudly), yet nothing to back them up. I am no expert on foreign policy, but neither, Sir, are you. You are clearly in over your head . I truly wish that you would admit this and ask for help. I have a tremendous amount of respect for those who are honest. I don't expect perfection from a president, but I do expect decorum, integrity, and humility. I have yet to see examples of any of these qualities from you. You boast of your faith and I am not one to question it, but being a Christian means that we are "Christ-like." So if you're struggling in this area the easiest thing to do would be to ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?" 

There is always the possibility that even against reason and logic you will become president. While you've been busy campagning and Twitter ranting, I'm not so sure you've thought this far ahead. I even wonder if you secretly hope that you don't win. Other than the clout being president ensures you, living in the White House, and riding in Air Force One, have you thought ahead to what this position actually entails? I worry that you haven't. I fear that this is only about winning. Has it stopped being a game to you yet? Because you have my boys, youth, students, and generations looking up to you. Please respect that. Please honor that. Please prove all of those who doubt your sincerity and abilities wrong. 

 Despite my ambivalence and fear I know that no matter who becomes president our God is still in control. For as long as I can remember I have prayed for our leaders. I am praying for you. I don't agree with you, but I hope that you can take even a small amount of comfort in the fact that someone is praying for you no matter your accomplishments or struggles. On this you have my word. 

I know I am nothing in your world. What's one voter? What's one more "hater?" But please remember me and the many Americans like me who very rarely get a voice in the matters vital to our livelihoods and to our families. We need assurance that we matter too...especially in these uncertain times.


May Good Bless you.


Heather Fisher